Women are a community's greatest resource, yet they're under-resourced.

In communities that lack access to safe, clean drinking water, women bear the burden of hauling it from distant springs. When children get sick because they lack adequate sanitation, it is women who care for them. Bound to their homes by the work of raising families, women often lack opportunities for employment. Women tend to be under-represented in church and community leadership, yet empowered, represented, and included women have the power to transform their communities.

Shine Collective Giving Circles

Shine Collective Giving Circles are groups of women who learn together, build community, and take action to provide crucial support for under-resourced women in the communities ENLACE serves.

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Shine Collective Giving Circles support initiatives that help empower women in impoverished communities. To help you set your goal and make an impact, here are some of the kinds of initiatives the Shine Collective supports.

$300 Eco Stove

Provides an Eco Stove for one family, reducing by two-thirds the amount of time women spend gathering firewood. Eco Stoves also reduce the amount of woodsmoke women breathe, preventing upper respiratory infections that make women sick and are a top cause of child and infant mortality.

$600 Composting Latrine

Sponsors a composting latrine that will prevent infections spread by fecal-oral transmission, reducing mortality and time women spend caring for sick children.

$1,000 Chicken Business

Empowers a woman entrepreneur with a family chicken business, helping her take charge of her family's economy and nutrition. Support includes all infrastructure materials, training, and support of a business coach.

$5,000 Women in Leadership

Provides salary support for one of ENLACE's women leaders. Enlace employs women engineers, technicians, and church facilitators as positive role models for girls and encouragers to women as they stake out their invaluable role in community life.

$7,000 New Home

Sponsors the construction of a new home, reducing the time women spend maintaining a provisional shelter for their family while offering safety, security, and a new lease on life.

$10,000 Water Project

Can provide water infrastructure for an entire community to make home life easier, prevent waterborne illness, and reduce time spent caring for sick children and hauling water from distant sources.


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