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Unlocking Potential

In the U.S. and around the world, the Church is filled with untapped potential to change the world.

ENLACE unlocks that potential by helping churches partner with their communities to create long-term solutions to multidimensional poverty and cultivate fully developed followers of Christ.

Like us, churches are motivated by a divine mandate to love their neighbor. Mobilizing churches to transform communities multiplies your impact while empowering them to more effectively share the good news of Jesus.

ENLACE is Spanish for “link”

The Church has access to better tools than ever to demonstrate God’s love – yet most churches are not yet equipped to make a lasting, world-changing impact.


In the U.S. most churches need help navigating the complex world of international development, culture, language, and multidimensional poverty. Without that help, they risk doing more harm than good.


Around the world, poor churches want to love their neighbors by helping them meet basic needs like safe drinking water, food, shelter, and economic opportunity, but they lack the necessary relationships and knowledge.


ENLACE links churches with training, coaching, partnerships, and service and learning experiences that transform communities and cultivate more fully devoted disciples of Christ, both here at home, and in the countries where we serve.

Our Vision

We believe in the Church as God’s primary agent of reconciliation on earth. God is at work around the world saving lives, restoring relationships, and making all things new.

Over the next five years, ENLACE will join that work by coaching and resourcing more than 4,330 church and community leaders from 173 churches to impact 300,000 lives in El Salvador, Nepal, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Join us as we support God’s vision of an earth redeemed and restored as it is in heaven.

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Coaching & Resourcing

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Our Church Partners


Empower churches to transform communities.


Go On a Vision Trip

An opportunity for church leaders to visit our work in the field, meet fellow pastors, and dream of the fun your congregation will have as they change the world.

Become a Church Partner

Link up with ENLACE to transform communities and cultivate disciples through life-changing experiences.

Church Mobilization

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Church Mobilization

What Churches in El Salvador Teach Us About Creating Thriving Communities

By Ron Bueno